Leavitt Charity Golf Week

September 2024

Coming Together–

Making a Difference

The Leavitt Charity Cup benefits the DDxFoundation’s effort to aggregate data to help cure Prostate Cancer.  The Charity Cup consists of “A clash of titans”.  The Utah Jazz vs The Las Vegas Raiders each lead teams consisting of alumni, sponsors, and donors in a Ryder Cup style tournament; a competition in the name of cancer research.

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Leavitt Charity Golf Week is an annual golf event put on by the RedRock Roadrunners (R2).  Golf Week events include:

  • Friendship Cup 
  • Zions Bank University Cup
  • The Golf Week Gala 
  • Leavitt Charity Cup 

The 2024 Leavitt Charity Cup benefits the DDx Foundation

For information, email info@ddxfoundation.org

Sponsorship Level

2 + 9 =

2023 Charity Cup Highlights