Matt Leavitt joins The Pathologist in this article exploring how a fully digital and cost-effective lab is possible.

Change can be painful. For medical laboratories, which are built to avoid any sort of deviation, it can be excruciating. It should not surprise us, then, that pathology’s multi-decade flirtation with digital technology has been, so far, disappointingly non-transformative. Despite the hype and the billions invested, few anatomical pathology labs have made the “digital leap.” Clearly, getting laboratories to go digital is harder than it seems. Economic circumstances haven’t helped the situation, either. Lab managers, already stressed by reduced reimbursements and staff shortages, struggle with the added cost and complexity of digital technologies. In regards to digital transformation, they all seem to be asking the same question: “Where is the return on investment?” Under the circumstances, who can blame them for resisting change?

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