Accelerating Progress in Cancer Treatments & Research

Our First Initiative? 

Accelerating Prostate Cancer Research

About 1 in 8

Men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer during their lifetime


Estimated Number of New Prostate Cancer Cases in 2021 in the U.S.


Estimated Number of Prostate Cancer Related Deaths in 2021 in the U.S.

* All statistics according to The American Cancer Society

Finding better treatments through clinical trials

The discovery of better cancer treatments depends on patients’ willingness to share their personal biological materials and data with researchers throughout their cancer journey.  To reduce the cost and complexity of obtaining critical information for cancer research, a more standardized system for sharing patient samples and data is needed. 


How it works

Centralized Management of Informed Consent

Centralized Access to Digital Image Libraries and Bio-specimens

Centralized Search Tools for Expedited Clinical Trial Enrollment

“The DDxFoundation is aggregating data to defeat Prostate Cancer.  Our national data-sharing network enables researchers and physicians to provide better treatments for men with prostate cancer.”

–Matthew O. Leavitt, M.D., Founder of DDxFoundation

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