Digital Pathology

The future of equal-access diagnostics

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What is Digital Pathology?

Labs, clinics, and hospitals are facing pressures to improve the quality of their care and lower their costs. One important way to accomplish this is through digital transformation of the diagnostic process. 

Digital pathology—a combination of lab tech and software, makes it easier to analyze, store, and share critical diagnostic information than traditional microscopes and glass slides. If that first moment in diagnosing the patient happens on a digital platform, the patient is more likely to receive the most effective treatment.

Digital Pathology + DDx Foundation

Although switching to digital pathology is crucial for meeting the current demands of the field, the transition isn’t feasible for many labs, clinics, and hospitals—especially those in rural and underserved areas. The DDx Foundation’s collaborative model helps to eliminate these hurdles for communities cut off from Medicine’s “cutting-edge.” Our goal is to make digital transformation easy and affordable for providers, bringing the benefits of digital pathology to all patients.

The Future
of Cancer Diagnostics

The DDx Foundation enables digital pathology implementation in underserved populations, yielding benefits such as improved tissue quality and enhanced collaboration on complex cases.

Standardized histology also offers pharmaceutical companies new opportunities to ethically acquire and analyze de-identified diagnostic data. As innovative treatments emerge, DDx will facilitate access to life-saving therapies for patients in populations that couldn’t otherwise access them.