Empowering Healthcare Equity

Democratizing Access to Advanced Cancer Diagnostic Technology
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Eliminating the
Digital Divide

The DDx Foundation brings new, groundbreaking cancer diagnostic technology to remote and underserved communities through an innovative, collaborative diagnostic hub. We strive to make digital transformation easy and affordable, bringing the benefits of digital pathology to all patients.

Standardizing for Better Data and Care

DDx Foundation-supported digital health centers facilitate consistent, streamlined pathology and effective, uniform data collection. With enhanced clarity, reliability, and quality of data, all downstream parties involved in patient research and care can do better work and benefit all.


Equalizing Tech Access through Centralization

Many diverse patient populations lack representation in clinical research studies, effectively cut off from life-saving medical innovations. Now, through the DDx Foundation’s centralized, standardized digital diagnostic systems, those patients can receive faster, more accurate diagnoses—the key to better care.


Who is the DDx Foundation?

Dr. Matthew O. Leavitt first envisioned digital pathology’s immense potential in the early 2000’s, while Department Chair in a large Utah-based medical center. In 2014, he stepped away to establish Lumea Inc., a digital pathology platform focused on creating practical improvements to lab workflow to drive standardization. In 2020 he launched PathNet, a novel hub-and-spoke virtual pathology practice model, which now provides digital pathology diagnostic services to under-served patient populations across 35 states. Committed to harnessing the potential of patient health data, he now focuses on improving cross-sector data exchange between technology, life science and healthcare organizations in the DDx Foundation. 

How do we find a DDx Digital Hub?

Digital Histology Centers, or DHCs, are a shared digital pathology image resource. DHCs are supported by local community practice and hospital groups, working together to share the costs of clinical imaging. Each DHC is co-managed locally and funded through sponsor organizations and donations to the DDx Foundation.

What is DDx?

The Digital Diagnostics (DDx) Foundation has brought together a national network of prostate cancer care providers from community practices and hospitals, all of whom are committed to establishing a better system for exchanging patients’ clinical specimens and data. Aligning the clinical and research interests of prostate cancer care-givers with key Health IT industry partners, the Foundation is establishing the GenitoUrinary Integrated Data Exchange (GUIDE).